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Coconino County confirms second case of Hantavirus

PHOENIX — A second case of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome was confirmed on Wednesday, Coconino County Public Health Service officials said in a release.

CCPHSD confirmed that a woman living in a southwestern part of the county was hospitalized due to the illness but is now recovering. Officials are investigating how the woman could have contracted the disease, which is transmitted when a person comes into contact with or breathes the infected droppings of wild mice.

“The fact that there have been two separate cases from differing parts of the county shows that the virus can occur anywhere,” said CCPHSD Interim Chief Health Officer Kimbal Babcock.

Areas with rodent activity, even if rodents are not seen, are most commonly infected. Deer mice are considered to be the primary source of the virus.

Symptoms do not appear until weeks, even months after an individual has come in contact with the infected droppings.

These are the first reported cases of the disease in the county since 2007.