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Hungry? Phoenix bakery whipping up croissant-doughnut hybrid

PHOENIX — It’s not quite a doughnut and not quite a croissant.

At Karl’s Bakery in Phoenix they call it a kronut.

“It is fried,” said Christine Boerner. “They’re a little bit fluffier, a little bit taller, but they’re about the same size as a doughnut.”

After hearing about the buzz surrounding a New York chef’s cross between a croissant and doughnut, Boerner and her father, Karl, decided to give it a try.

“We make a doughnut dough and make it a little bit softer than usual,” she said. “And then we fold it in with butter like a croissant dough. You freeze it, you cut it up and then you fry it at a higher temperature.”

Boerner makes a lemon-basil kronut while her father prefers vanilla pudding. Each weekend she said they sell a couple hundred at $2.50 each.

“Generally when you bite into it everyone has the same expression on their face of joy and intrigue,” she said