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Phoenix, Tucson rank among worst cities in the nation for red-light running fatalities

PHOENIX — Drivers in Arizona have a big problem with obeying one of the most important rules of the road.

A study from the National Coalition for Safer Roads found Phoenix has the second highest amount of red-light running fatalities in the country and Tucson has the ninth highest.

“It is a real problem for drivers and all road users in the state,” Linda Gorman with AAA Arizona said. “It is an even worse problem here in this state as Phoenix consistently scores in the top five and Tucson scores in the top 10 as well.”

The study found some of the major causes of red light crashes are distraction, intoxication, and carelessness.

“The bottom line is, regardless of the cause, it is an issue that is not decreasing and it is especially alarming given the recent vote in Tucson,” she said.

Gorman also said the recent vote to do away with red light cameras in Tucson is disappointing because studies have shown that camera enforcement keeps drivers more accountable.

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