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Some Yarnell fire help comes from Yuma area

Some of those who are helping victims of the tragedy on Yarnell Hill are coming from southwestern Arizona.

Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department Spokesman Robbie Rodriguez said he’s in the Prescott area helping with a very big task.

“We are the planners of each funeral pertaining to the procession, the mortuary, the gravesites. Anything that pertains to the burial of the fallen,” Rodriguez said.

Nineteen firefighters died while fighting the wildfire last Sunday.

Meanwhile, Yuma Salvation Army Captain Randy Hartt told KYMA-TV that he’s in Prescott just to lend a hand. He said it’s been a very emotional week.

“I was standing there putting my arm around people. I was crying, and suddenly, strangers from the community starting putting their arms around me,” Hartt said. “There’s a lot of solidarity in this community.

“They are all hurting.”

For volunteer, fundraising and other ways to assist those affected by the Yarnell Hill Fire, go to