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Plane has rough landing at PHX-Mesa Gateway

Emergency crews responded to a plane that had a rough landing at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport on Wednesday night.

The small aircraft appears to have had a problem with its landing gear while attempting to land at the airport.

“At this point it appears that one of the gears was not locked,” Public Information Officer Patrick Oakley said, “so when [the pilot] did make the landing, the gear probably collapsed and he skidded to a stop.”

Oakley said there were no injuries during the landing, and only the pilot was on board the plane.

Crews worked late Wednesday evening to remove the plane from the runway, which takes a few hours to complete.

“We’re currently working on removing the aircraft from the runway,” Oakley said, “its minor damage, and standard procedure when we have a gear problem.”

Crews will likely use a crane to lift the plane off the runway and onto a trailer, Oakley said.

Oakley also said local FAA agents will look at why there was a problem with the gear.

There was no information on what kind of plane the pilot was flying.