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Report: Amy’s Baking Company forces employees to sign contract

PHOENIX – Amy’s Baking Company is sure to come under more fire after a copy of their employment contract has been uploaded to the internet.

Radar Online obtained a copy of the “mutually-binding” contract that employees make with the company, and if you thought that you saw everything there was to see on Kitchen Nightmares, you’d be wrong.

The contract had 20 strict rules to abide by, including many that left financial responsibility upon the employees — and of course the now famous rule about servers giving all their tips to the restaurant owners.

One rule states that employees are to work holidays and weekends without exception and a “no-show” will be penalized with a $250.00 fee.

Another specifies that all tips are property of ABC and staff members would be paid on an hourly basis. Employees are also required to pay for food wasted or plates broken.

However, Radar Online reported that Amy’s Baking Company has since changed their “tip policy” after the backlash the company was subjected on Facebook.

And regarding that reality TV show that was in the making? They’re still looking for networks that might want to air it.