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An overall look at the heat wave that’s baking Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizona is being rocked by a heat wave that is calling for temperatures as high as 120 degrees.

The National Weather Service put together some facts that won’t exactly take your mind off the heat, but at least make you feel accomplished since we may break some records this weekend.

The record temperature for June 28 is 118 set in 1990. Phoenix came close to that record on Friday but it was not officially broken.

On Saturday, the temperature reached 119 degrees, breaking the old record of 117 set in 1994. It was also the fourth hottest day in history for the state of Arizona.

Sunday’s temperature was 115 degrees, tied for the record of 115 degrees set in 1979.

Monday it’s expected to cool down slightly and the forecasted temperature of 114 degrees will fall short of the record of 115 set in 1990.

The hottest temperature recorded in Phoenix was 122 on June 26, 1990. There is not a forecast calling for temperatures that high over the next 10 days.

2013 is the second-warmest June on record. The average temperature has been 94 degrees.

The last time Phoenix saw temperatures above 119 degrees was June 25, 1990.

The last time the Valley saw a streak of more than four days over 117 degrees was June 24, 1990 to June 28, 1990 — a streak that was not duplicated over the weekend.