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Phoenix restaurant being ousted for parking lot

PHOENIX — For nearly 20 years, Coup des Tartes restaurant near 16th Street and Highland Avenue has been host to hundreds of special occasions.

Unfortunately, for the owners and for those who have created memories at the French fusion restaurant, the 1930s farmhouse that houses the restaurant will be leveled to make way for a parking lot.

“There’s a lot of history here,” said Ron Pacioni, owner of Coup des Tartes.

According to a Facebook post, Coup des Tartes is working to find a new location.

Change is on the horizon. Coup Des Tartes sits on a plot of land that has recently changed hands. Through no fault of our own, the current landlord, the Van Tuyl Group, has given us 180 days to find another location. They will “pave our paradise to put up a parking lot” – literally. They’re planning to demo this historic 1932 farmhouse we’ve been in for the past 17 years and turn it into an overflow parking lot for their nearby corporate car dealership. We will remain OPEN while we search for a new location that will live up to the Coup Des Tartes romance and charm. While we recognize that there is nothing constant in life but change, we are a little nostalgic and not looking forward to saying good-bye to our little farmhouse. When we do find a new location, we have every intention of keeping the seasonal menus and award-winning cuisine you have come to know and love, and of course remain a BYOB. More info. to come, but in the meantime, we are OPEN and we have a delicious new summer menu that you must sample. Come dine with us and tell your friends!

Meanwhile, Pacioni said the outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming,

“I’m honored,” he said.