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Red Cross urges families to prepare for disaster

PHOENIX — You don’t have to live near the forest to be at risk of fire.

On average, the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross responds to a house fire every 14 hours.

“The two most important things that people will lose initially are their cell phone and then their medication,” said Brian Gomez, spokesman for the Grand Canyon Chapter.

Gomez suggested everyone keep a list of contacts and medications in a safe place outside the home where it can be quickly accessed and everyone should have an evacuation plan.

“That way they can get out of their house and out of their neighborhood if there’s a larger scale disaster and share the plan with their family,” he sad.

The Red Cross also suggested people keep a comprehensive list of their possessions by going through each room, describing each item and how much it cost. Once the inventory is done, leave a sealed copy with a trusted friend or relative or place it in a safe deposit box.