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Coulter: Failed immigration reform will help Republicans

Anne Coulter went on Sean Hannity’s radio show this week to discuss Sen. Graham’s “demographic death spiral” comments if the Republican Party avoids immigration reform.

According to the Daily Caller, the famed conservative commentator said:

“We can win Hispanics,” Coulter said. “We can’t win them if we keep bringing in the foreign workers.”

She also said that “elderly black ladies” were the sleeping giant, not Latinos, as “blacks voted at a higher rate than they did in 2008.”

Regarding Graham’s statement, she said he was a victim of Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer.

“I think he’s not as bright as Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions,” Coulter said. “I noticed that the Princeton and Harvard graduates aren’t falling for this bill of goods being pushed on them by Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer. They are the authors of this amnesty bill, and somehow they have gotten our weakest Republicans to sign onto it and try to sell it to the rest of the country.”