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Fox News sued for airing live suicide

PHOENIX – The family of JoDon Romero, whose suicide was accidentally shown on live television, is suing Fox News.

During a high-speed car chase which originated in Phoenix and ended when Romero got out of his car and shot himself was aired live on the network, causing anchor Shep Smith to apologize to the audience.

According to the Huffington Post, Romero’s wife is suing both the network and News Corp. in Maricopa County court.

“The lawsuit said that the children “have been, and continue to be, severely traumatized” by the footage. They have flashbacks, trauma, sleep disturbances and intrusive thoughts, according to the suit, and are so depressed that they cannot go to school.”

FOX 10, which aired the live feed put in place a seven-second delay and cut the broadcast before the suicide was shown.

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