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Dads aren’t feeling the love on Father’s Day

PHOENIX — Dads are feeling like they are getting the short end of the stick on Father’s Day, according to a new poll from

While roughly three quarters of fathers polled expect a gift, more than half, 58 percent, say they are getting a raw deal.

“They feel a bit slighted in that more than half of them feel that they spend more on Mother’s Day than what they receive on Father’s Day,” said John Faith, a tech expert.

The poll also shows kids are coming through in unexpected ways for good ol’ dad. Almost a third of kids intend to spend up to $40 on Father’s Day gifts, with one in five spending between $41 and $60 and almost another third likely to spend more than $61.

Daddy’s little girl, it turns out, is stingy with her hard-earned allowance. The poll shows that boys outspend daughters by 2-to-1.

If you want to know what dads say not to do, according to, is get them a T-shirt or coffee mug with a dad-related slogan or a tie.

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