Officials: Maricopa County voting machines in good shape to kick off elections season

PHOENIX — Many voting machines throughout the nation are becoming outdated, but that should not affect elections in Maricopa County.

“Our equipment here in Maricopa County is in excellent shape,” Karen Osborne, Maricopa County Elections Director said. “Some of the counties across the United States and some of the larger cities and those jurisdictions purchased their equipment way before we did.”

By the time voters head to the polls for the 2016 presidential election, voting equipment in the majority of the country — including several counties in Arizona — will be due for an upgrade, but machines in Maricopa County still have several years to go.

“Some of that (equipment) is aging out faster than ours is,” Osborne said. “Our equipment, we work very hard to keep it in top-flight shape.”

The majority of voting machines in Maricopa County are about 10-years-old but Osborne said their machines will have a 15- to 20-year life span.

“We have asked the Board of Supervisors here to start putting money away so that in four or five years we can do a replacement but right now we are doing just fine,” she said.