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Prepare now for monsoon season

It’s not too early to prepare yourself for a monsoon.

One Valley expert said if you act now, you could possibly save yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache in the future.

During the summer, Phil Mattei of Arizona Fire and Water, a local home restoration company, said most calls are associated with air conditioning condensation lines.

“The lines clog and overflow and it’s something that people don’t usually think about,” said Mattei. “One of the best ways to prevent that is to have an A/C guy come in and clean out the lines to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Another issue you could address now is clogged rain gutters.

“Clogs could cause pooling around doors, and it can back up into your house,” said Mattei.

Experts like Mattei also suggest you have proper drainage around your backyard and entry points to your home, check your roof for leaks, make sure the seal around skylights is tight and that it doesn’t have any cracks, and consider investing in a flood or rising water insurance policy.