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Valley company hopes to cash in on medical marijuana

PHOENIX — At first glance you might call it a vending machine, but Todd Davis said it’s much more secure.

“You swipe your card, it allows you access into the room, the door locks behind you and have a dispensing machine sitting there. You swipe your card again, it verifies you are a patient and then a menu pops up.”

That menu features a variety of medical marijuana. Patients pick their marijuana by touching the screen and pay by credit or debit card. The marijuana is then dispensed.

“It makes it a legitimate business transaction, a legitimate medical transaction,” said Davis.

As Chief Executive Officer of Cave Creek-based Endexx Corp., Davis said they do not dispense drugs, they provide dispensing technology. The machines are made in California, but Davis said as more states approve medical marijuana and legalize pot, he expects to create jobs in Arizona.

“It’s a very chaotic business, “he said. “It’s in its infancy and there are more opportunities than there are barriers of entry.”

Davis expects the federal government to make changes in the areas of tracking, accountability, safety and testing and says Endexx will be prepared to accommodate those changes.