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Phoenix veteran housing project completed

PHOENIX — After nearly a year, the Grand Veteran’s Village near 35th Avenue and Indian School is now a reality.

The organization U.S. Vets Phoenix started the renovation of a run-down hotel in July 2012. The goal was to create apartment units for vets in need.

“What we found through our homeless programs, some of the veterans that were getting out weren’t able to find an apartment, despite having a job,” said John Scott of U.S. Vets.

“Because of credit history, past eviction they couldn’t find a place to live. So this is kind of the final phase of their cycle of ending homelessness and moving into permanent housing,” he said.

The complex has apartment units for up to 130 veterans in need. Over 100 veterans are already calling the Grand Veteran’s Village home.

Veterans will have access to job support and therapy to address issues like addiction and PTSD.