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Teaching infants to float could be key to survival

PHOENIX — The hot weather and the lure of a cool pool can lead to danger for many children, especially infants.

The owner of a Valley swim school said there are things parents can do to make sure infants can survive in the water.

At the Hubbard Family Swim School in Phoenix, parents can let their infants experience the water.

“When you’re working with a child, one of the first things you want to do is ingrain the habit of, when they get in the water or fall in the water, to roll over,” said owner Bob Hubbard. “Roll over and float on their back is one of the safest things they can do.”

Another key is to teach the infant how to hold their breath.

“You can have a child jump in the water, and if their breath-holding is good and they’re comfortable, they’re going to float up,” Hubbard said. “As long as they stay calm and they’re not drinking the water or having spastic arm movements, they’re going to be safer.”

Of course, Hubbard thinks the thing to do is get kids swim lessons and spend time working with them in a swimming pool. He also said there are plenty of swim lesson videos on YouTube and the school’s website can help parents.