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In Arizona heat, know how to handle tire blowout

PHOENIX — The heat can take a toll on your tires. Are you prepared to handle a blowout on the freeway? One expert said knowing what to do, or what not to do could save your life.

The worst case scenario is a serious accident, according to Robert Schaller, Instructor Supervisor with the Arizona Chapter of the National Safety Council.

“You can end up losing control of the car, rolling the car and it’s happened many, many times,” Schaller said.

He offers the following tips:

1. Keep a steady grip on the wheel, steer straight ahead.

2. Take your foot off the accelerator, slow the car down but don’t press on the brakes.

3. Once speed has been sufficiently reduced, steer clear off the road.

4. Don’t stop in a dangerous place. Many vehicles and people are hit by inattentive or impaired drivers when stopped on shoulders. Get far off the road or drive until you can. Even ruining a rim is better than getting injured or killed.