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Crews ready for ‘alligator season’ on Valley freeways

PHOENIX — Arizona Department of Transportation crews will be scrambling to keep up with the rubber from shredded tires on the road during the summer.

Hot freeways take a big toll on tires and can peel them like a banana.

“We call it ‘alligator season’ because our crews are reminded of alligators and it’s an important time of the year for drivers to be paying close attention,” said ADOT’s Doug Nintzel.

Shredded tires are dangerous not only to the car’s owner but to those who might run over them later. Nintzel said a lot of work goes into keeping the freeways clear of the these tire remains.

“We have maintenance crews patrolling the freeways daily looking for the material and moving it off to the shoulder ahead of the overnight sweeping that takes place,” he said.

In cases involving large chunks of tire tread, DPS officers will perform a rolling closure until ADOT crews can clear the freeway.