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Two stranded hikers rescued near Sedona

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Two young male hikers from Scottsdale, Ariz., were rescued by Coconino County Sheriff’s Office personnel late Saturday evening after they found themselves caught in the darkness at the West Fork Trailhead in Oak Creek Canyon.

At about a quarter before 9 p.m., a Sedona Fire Department (SFD) dispatcher received an emergency call from one of the two hikers who said they were stranded and had no flashlights or visible light from the moon to guide them back to the trail. The SFD was able to determine latitude and longitude from the cell phone call within approximately 100 feet, and a team compromising the Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputy, a Search and Rescue Coordinator and Rescue Volunteer were sent to the area in order to rescue these young hikers, whose ages are 17 and 21 years old, respectively.

Rescuers hiked for about two miles until they found the young men and provided them with flashlights. They then walked them back to the trail.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit would like to remind hikers and hunters to leave a detailed trip plan with a trusted person and be prepared for the unexpected night out in the event of an accident or other emergency. They also advise you to carry the 10 essentials: extra water, food, warm clothing, navigation equipment, a headlamp or flashlight, a first aid kit, shelter material, a fire starting kit, a pocket knife, and signaling equipment like a signal mirror and whistle.

During the summer months extreme caution with fire is urged in order to prevent a wildfire.