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Brazilian restaurant offers free meal to women who admit they’re beautiful

A chain of Brazilian fast food restaurants encouraged female empowerment by offering a free meal.

According to Mashable, Italian fast food chain Spoleto offered free meals to women who could admit they were beautiful.

The restaurant used the campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, but the advertisement that came along with it just recently went viral.

Women were asked to definitively answer the question, “Are you beautiful?”, before receiving their free meal. The goal of Spoleto’s promotion was to empower women who had the self-esteem to admit their beauty.

Spoleto reported 500 women admitted their beauty and dined free of charge. But, considering the restaurant has 200 locations, the number isn’t as high as they would have hoped.

Despite the message’s good intentions, there was still some backlash associated with the promotion’s focus on looks and vanity.