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Jan Brewer ‘relieved’ to see Yanira Maldonado released

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she was “relieved” to hear that a 42-year-old Goodyear woman has been released from a Mexican prison.

Yanira Maldonado had been held on a drug smuggling charge that was dismissed after a court reviewed the case. She was able to leave Mexico on Friday.

“Our staff was in contact with the administration south of the border, and working here north of the border,” Brewer said. “We are just so relieved that it worked out and that she’s home safely with her family.”

Brewer went on to say that the family “can now put this chapter of their life behind them,” and Maldonado’s case should be a lesson for all Americans.

“I think it’s really important for all Americans to remember that, when any United States citizens travel abroad or leave this country, that they realize that they don’t take their United States Constitutional rights and privileges with them,” she said. “When we travel abroad, we need to be careful wherever we travel.”

Brewer said she has tried to call Maldonado at least 12 times since this morning’s release, but has not been able to get through to her.