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Official warns of teenage prescription drug parties

PHOENIX — As summer vacation approaches, a mental health official said parents should know about “pharming parties.”

“This is when teen get together and prescription drugs are thrown into a bowl and then taken,” said Jan Hamilton, PMHNP-BC from Doorways, a mental health treatment center that treats teens and young adults. “It’s scary.”

The consequences of taken a combination of several prescription drugs could lead to devastating consequences or even death.

“They assume they are safe because they are prescribed,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said all parents should take extra-precautions when it comes to prescription medications, not only for the sake of their own kid, but any kid who might spend time at the home.

Parents should watch out for symptoms of drug abuse in their children:
• An increase or decrease in energy
• Sleeping too much or not enough
• Constricted pupils
• Personality changes or mood swings
• Changes in academic or athletic performance
• New friends
• Loss of appetite
• Lack of personal hygiene