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Group calls on lawmakers to stop climate change

PHOENIX — Climate change was the subject of a lot of conversation on the lawn outside the Arizona House of Representatives on Wednesday morning.

The group Organizing for Acton may have been at the Arizona State Capitol, but they were really calling on Arizona’s national leaders to take action.

“We wanted to make sure that our delegation, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jeff Flake and Arizona members of the U.S. House understand that climate change is a serious issue for Arizona,” said Sandy Bahr of the Sierra Club, which is part of Organizing for Action.

Bahr said Valley summers will be even hotter if climate change isn’t prevented.

“Pretty much every climate study shows that the southwestern United States is going to be one of the areas hardest hit in North America,” she said.

The group believes that America needs to turn to cleaner energy sources.

“For us in Arizona, solar makes a lot of sense,” Bahr said. “We have over 300 days of sunshine. We should be leading the United States relative to solar, if not the world, and we’re still lagging.”

Bahr said Congress needs to pass laws that turn the country away from energy sources that cause pollution.