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Mayor Stanton warns of temperatures surpassing 100 degrees, asks for water bottles

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and other city leaders kicked off Heat Relief efforts to ensure seniors, disabled and homeless people have the basics to get through the rough Arizona summer.

“Around the country, we have seen the effects over the last few days and weeks of extreme weather,” Stanton said. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of the Midwest, but it’s also important to remember that here, during the summer months, we also deal with extreme weather. That weather can be dangerous and even potentially deadly.”

Each summer Phoenix works as part of the Heat Relief Network in cooperation with government agencies, corporations, non-profits and faith-based organizations to bring relief to citizens who are considered high-risk as temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

In addition to educating the most vulnerable about the dangers of heat exposure, agencies operate water stations and provide items such as sunblock, light clothing and snack items to the homeless.

The operation would be impossible without donations from the public. Currently, Phoenix is looking to collect water.

Last year the so-called “call for water” resulted in the city collecting and distributing more than 210,000 bottles of water.

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