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Tucson sorority raises $15K for Haitian school

A Tucson sorority raised $15,000 to benefit a school in Haiti.

According to the official website of “La Source,” a film about the struggle to get clean drinking water in Haiti, the Kappa Kappa Gamma raised the money by hoisting the Hoops for Hope basketball tournament.

“Although $15,000 seemed like a huge reach for us, we were all so passionate about [Generosity Water/La Source] and really wanted to try and reach that goal…even if it meant our entire semester would be completely invested in this movement.”

In order to hit their goal, the tournament was expanded from one day to four and had outside competitions, like hot dog-eating and slam-dunk contests, to build the event. In total, 160 teams participated.

The $15,000 will go to building a classroom at the La Source School, which will be located in rural Haiti.