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Tempe, Swiss cops swap spots on reality TV

TEMPE, Ariz. — Two Tempe police officers will soon be stars on the Swiss reality TV show, “Job Swap.”

Officers Dennison Dawson and Jess Dever-Jakusz found out on Monday they were chosen to represent Tempe police for five days in Switzerland.

“We didn’t even know where we were going, because that’s part of the show,” said Dawson. “We still don’t know much. They’re not informing us step-by-step, so that’s part of the show I guess, the surprise factor.”

On Tuesday, a Swiss film crew documented the two leaving from police headquarters. Officers played bagpipes as a motorcade escorted the future reality TV stars to the airport.

Dever-Jakusz said she’s never been to Europe. Dawson has never left the country.

“Coming from Arizona, being a native I got that thin blood,” said Dawson. “I got to get used to that cold weather, but for something like this I’ll freeze a little bit. It’s a great opportunity.”

Two officers from Switzerland will fly into Sky Harbor Monday night and shadow Tempe police for the rest of the week.