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Crime maps making debut in Chandler

CHANDLER, Ariz. — If you’re looking to buy a home in Chandler, relocate your business or send your kids to a new school in that city, the Chandler Police Department now offers crime statistics on their website, all laid out on a map, grid or in dashboard form.

The public can now find recent reported crime in areas all over Chandler. It can be accessed through
Chandler Police Department’s website and is powered by BAIR Analytics, according to Chandler PD.

“You can view a map of the city of Chandler, and you can break it down by the location that you live or the address that you’re looking for information on a crime,” said Detective Seth Tyler.

The crime maps show statistics within an area of up to five miles from the address or intersection selected.

“You can find every type of crime you’re looking for all the way from homicide to simple theft,” Tyler said.

The crimes can be narrowed down by type, date and location ranges. The public can sign up for neighborhood watch reports through the same site and will get the information via e-mail and will be able to submit anonymous tips as well.

Tyler explained how this new computer system can help provide important crime statistics to anyone interested in learning more about crime in a specific area.

“We’ve been providing this for a long time, but in the past we would get phone calls or e-mails and would have to generate the information ourselves and call the person back or e-mail them with the requested information,” Tyler said.

With the crime maps, the information refreshes every 24 hours.

Though personal details and specific addresses are hidden within the results, a police report can be found for anyone looking to make further inquiries. The maps are also available on the iPhone and are free.