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Tucson to consider civil union law, similar to Bisbee

PHOENIX — First Bisbee, now Tucson.

City leaders are looking to offer more protections to same-sex couples under the law.

“As soon as there was some word that Bisbee might be taking some action, I had a lot of people to ask for Tucson to take similar action and to whatever we could to protect civil union relationships,” said Tucson City Councilmember Karin Uhlich.

If the council approves changes to the current domestic partner registry, same-sex couples would be afforded rights reserved for married couples.

“It’s heartening that not only our state, but our nation seems to be turning the corner,” said Uhlich

Attornies for the city have been working with the Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne to avoid any legal troubles, as was the case when Bisbee passed its ordinance.

City leaders will host a study session on May 29 and, if the majority of mayor and council agree, staff will draw up the ordinance. The process for adoption takes approximately thirty days.