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Gov. Brewer closing in on Medicaid victory

PHOENIX — The Republican controlled Arizona Senate signed off on the expansion of Medicaid last week as part of the budget bill and now the debate moves to the Arizona House this week.

The Governor said this has been the signature of the session for her and she’s confident that the House will approve the budget bill and expansion of Medicaid.

“I think we’ll go over there and use the same methods we used in the Senate to educate the House members and get the votes,” Brewer said.

She said the feds pick up the tab for the Medicaid expansion to add 300,000 Arizonans to the current 1.2 million people now on the state’s insurance plan for the poor.

“If we don’t follow the plan I put forward it will be unfortunate because the money will be taken from our general fund in the areas of education and health,” Brewer said.

If the House green lights Medicaid expansion, Brewer said she will sign it immediately and hopefully this extended legislative session will end by Friday.

“Let them go home for Memorial Day Weekend.”