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New gun-control TV ad features mother of Alex Teves

PHOENIX — A new ad from Mayors Against Illegal Guns features
Caren Teves of Phoenix taking Sen. Jeff Flake to task for not “keeping a promise” to support expanded background checks.

A group of citizens who have been victimized by gun violence has been demanding to meet with Flake (R-Ariz.) for at leasts two months. Flake opposed the bill, which was defeated in the Senate last month, but he has said, “We do need to take measures to make this situation better and we can do so in a way that is consistent with the Second Amendment.”

Teves and her husband Tom, whose son Alex died in the Colorado theater mass shooting in July 2012, have been outspoken proponents of tighter gun-control laws.

In the ad, she reads a letter to the family from Flake, in which he said strengthening background checks was something they agreed on.