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Summer job market could be best for teens in years

PHOENIX — The summer job market could be up as high as 10 percent this year, an analyst said.

“Companies that were cutting back before are starting to open up positions,” said Theresa Maher with “More people are getting full-time jobs so there’s less competition for part time jobs.”

Maher said the most job openings for teens are in retail and restaurants but jobs are there for teens who are skilled with computers.

“Anything really customer service,” she said. “It’s about getting in front of employers and meeting them face to face and really stand out.”

And Maher has a few pointers for the younger job seeker.

“Flexibility is one of the biggest things employers are looking for; being able to work whenever they need you,” she said. “If you’re looking for a job in a restaurant or other place you frequent, be ready to tell the prospective employer everything you know and love about their product and how you can sell it for them.”