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Shake it off: Phoenix libraries to offer active workstations to surf the web

A user demonstrates how to use the new Active Workstations featured in three Phoenix public libraries. (Photo: FitPHX)

PHOENIX — As a part of the FitPHX Program, three Phoenix libraries now offer a way to burn some calories while surfing the web, according to a recent press release.

(Photo: FitPHX)

(Photo: FitPHX)

The Palo Verde, Harmon and Yucca libraries are now all equipped with Active Workstations, a low-speed treadmill complete with an attached computer. These new workstations are a result of the $20,000 Super Bowl Legacy Grant, which funds the FitPHX program.

“People can actually do work, surf the net, whatever they would do at any other computer at a public library…while continuing to be active,” Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela said.

For visitors who are looking to check these out, all that is needed is a library card.

The FitPHX initiative aims to make the Phoenix area one of the healthiest in the nation by creating programs that use existing resources, such as public libraries.

In addition to making changes in public libraries, the FitPHX initiative also aims to make fitness improvements in the classroom. ASU students studying health-related fields mentor kids from 10- to 14-years-old  in subjects like fitness, nutrition, portion size and body image in an after-school program called FitPHX Energy Zones.

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