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Phoenix planning to launch bike-share program

PHOENIX — Phoenix currently has light rail, buses and cars, but residents may soon have yet another way to get around.

On Tuesday, the city’s transportation and infrastructure subcommittee will recommend that the city council award a five-year contract with a company to provide a city-wide bike sharing program that would allow people to rent bikes at one location and return at another location once they are finished.

The company, Cycle Hop, would own, operate and maintain the program. It already does business with Chicago, Tampa and other cities.

The plan calls for no city tax dollars to be used. Instead, Cycle Hop sets it up and collects rental fees.

According to a city report, Cycle Hop has quoted a one-day rental at $5, a five-day at $20 and 30-day at $30. The first hour is free and each additional 30 minutes would cost an extra $2.00. Annual memberships would also be offered.

If the full council approves the plan, Cycle Hop expects to launch the bike sharing program in mid-December.