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The ‘Trumpkin’ is making Halloween extra fun for one neighborhood

This thing is huge!

As pumpkins across the country are carved into scary faces, likenesses of movie characters and other spooky designs, Jeanette Paras, an Ohio-based artist, has created a different kind of Halloween decoration.

“Donald Trump has been pumpkin-ized in a 374-pound pumpkin,” Paras told the Columbus Dispatch.

Paras has been “pumpkin-izing” figures from national and international news since 1988. This year, she decided to give the giant pumpkin the face of the Donald.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. He’s everywhere,” she said.

Paras said one of the interesting and challenging things about “pumpkin-izing” people is to have a “distinguishing characteristic.”

For example, Trump’s hair.

“It’s very nice, but it’s a little different,” she said. The hair was created from a half-dozen 38-inch blonde wigs.

The Trumpkin seems to be this year’s most famous pumpkin, and if there were any pumpkin polls, we’re sure Trumpkin would be on top.

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