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Arizona Sen. Flake pleased with immigration bill’s progress

PHOENIX — The Gang of Eight’s immigration reform is moving forward and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said the bill
could be on the Senate floor next month.

“It’s a better bill today than it was,” Flake said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee started refining legislation Thursday to secure the borders and grant eventual citizenship to millions living in the United States illegally.

One proposal that advanced and Flake supported came from Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa. It specifies that a requirement for 90 percent of border crossers be stopped or turned back will apply to the entire southern border, not just “high-risk” sectors.

“This bill has more border security elements than any immigration bill that has ever been introduced. In terms of manpower, infrastructure and surveillance, you name it, it’s got it. This is good Arizona and good for the country as well.”

Flake said he’s hopeful the committee will finish its work late next week and then be on the Senate floor in early June.

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