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On-lookers react to Jodi Arias trial decision

PHOENIX — About 1,000 people stood in front of the Maricopa County Superior Courthouse on Wednesday to heard to verdict in the Jodi Arias trial.

“Justice was served today. I’m so excited,” said Kathy Brown, who once met Travis Alexander’s family.

Many shared Brown’s sentiments.

“It’s just horrible what has happened,” said Bee Rios, adding that she would have been shocked if Arias was not convicted of first-degree murder.

Some were nervous when it was announced the verdict would be read Wednesday and began wondering if Arias would walk away.

“I was a little bit worried when they brought Alice LaViolette in,” said Ann Kallenberger. “Some of the testimony from her standpoint was conflicting and, as a professional in the psychological field, that it would impact the way the jurors saw it.”

Arias has yet to be sentenced in the case. For some like Brown, the verdict brought some comfort.

“At least [the Alexander family] has something they can celebrate,” she said.

But Brown knows real closure won’t come until Arias is sentenced to either life in prison or death.

“This is not closure yet,” she said. “It won’t be until the final phases go through.”