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Survey: Phoenix cops give chief negative job review

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association said it doesn’t want a public battle with Phoenix Chief Daniel Garcia but Wednesday released a scathing job performance review by officers.

West Group shipped out almost 3,000 surveys to officers, sergeants and lieutenants and got back 1,700. Most of them were dissatisfied with the chief’s job performance.

Of those surveyed, 80 percen said Garcia was not an effective leader and more than 90 percent said he doesn’t listen to his officers.

Complaints included scheduling, changes to the uniform and having to reaffirm their oath.

Joe Clure, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, said he doesn’t want a public fight with Garcia, but that “We have a chief who has a developed style that is not necessarily conducive to the Phoenix Police Department.”

Garcia released a statement that does not specifically address the survey but does highlight targeting guns, gangs and drugs and saving residents millions of dollars as accomplishments:

“I became the Chief of Police for the Phoenix Police Department during some of the most challenging and difficult times in recent history. Companies of all types have gone through unprecedented change during the past few years and we are no different. Policing is one of the most important and most difficult professions in our society today and the demand on our department and our employees is tremendous.

We have achieved a number of accomplishments during this past year, including a new Mission of Policing for the future. We have instituted a number of crime suppression programs based on real-time data-driven crime analysis and daily operational plans. We have focused on persons, places and behaviors targeting guns, gangs and drugs. We have enhanced our community policing and outreach efforts to better educate the community on our shared responsibility. We have expanded our downtown district to include 24/7 coverage. We have implemented a number of cost savings measures that have saved our residents millions of dollars; this without having to lay off a single police officer.

“Many of the recommendations for change came from efficiency studies conducted by outside consulting groups, such as the Matrix Company and the Berkshire Group. The recommendations included changing our discipline procedures and restructuring the organization. Many of these critical tasks have directly involved the people of this organization, their personal lives as well as their families. I understand these changes are not easy and unfortunately, we may be faced with more in the months to come.

“I am very proud of this organization and the men and women who serve our community. As the Chief of Police I will continue to evaluate the public safety needs of this community and balance this with our operational practices.”

The survey was paid for by two unions that represent Phoenix police.