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Return of long-missing persons remains rare

PHOENIX — Retired Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill said the discovery of three women missing for a decade brings hope that more missing children will be found.

Hill said the Cleveland case brought to mind 11-year-old Mikelle Biggs who vanished in 1999 near her Mesa home. She has never been found.

“Makes you wonder about cases like that. Is it possible that they were taken and are still alive? That’s a very difficult situation for parents of missing kids,” Hill said.

“You want closure but even if there’s a glimmer of hope, you want to believe it’s possible. Although in Mikelle’s case there was enough evidence to indicate that she’s probably not. You never know so we continually go back and review cases.”

Former Phoenix Police Sgt. Paul Penzone said statistically, the chances of an abducted child being found alive remain small.