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Social media making it difficult to avoid Arias trial details

PHOENIX — The Jodi Arias murder trial has captured international attention and a Valley attorney thinks social media has played a big role.

“It’s almost impossible to dodge (trial news),” said Chris Mason, “even for people who are not following the trial closely.”

Mason points to the gruesome nature of the crime — throat-slitting, shooting, stabbings — and graphic sex details as lures drawing the attention of millions.

Facebook, Twitter and other social-media outlets have lit up with Arias updates.

“It will spur more outrageous behavior and cases like this may be mundane in 10 years,” Mason said.

He doesn’t believe the social-media coverage will be grounds for appeal from Arias’ defense team.

“There’s a high hurdle to overcome to demonstrate that.”

And he said it will become increasingly difficult to keep jurors away from information that could jeopardize a trial.

“Human nature being what it is, you have to wonder how many jurors talk to relatives or friends and getting information on the side that they really shouldn’t be getting.”