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Kristen Wiig debuts ‘Crying in a Sweater’ trailer and her performance is award-worthy

Somebody, give this woman an Academy Award!

Kristen Wiig stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to debut the emotional trailer for her new film. Sort of.

“You have another project that’s a very, extremely independent movie,” Jimmy Kimmel said before presenting the trailer for “Crying in a Sweater.” Kimmel tells Wiig the film’s reviews have been incredible.

Wiig — dressed in an array of sweaters — delivers a moving performance while sometimes silently, sometimes loudly sobbing into her winter wear.

Glowing reviews drift across the screen: “This is the Wiigaissance,” a review from television’s Dr. Oz.

In one scene, Wiig rips off one fluffy pink and white sweatshirt to reveal another, thinner stripped sweatshirt — which obviously makes her cry harder.

We’re shedding tears of laughter over Wiig’s sweater sobbing. We know this isn’t a real film, but we kind of wish it were.

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