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Pugs on parade: Dogs take part in Halloween fashion show and costume contest

Pugs dressed in Halloween costumes took over a park in Kiev, Russia, during a festival featuring a Halloween costume contest and fashion show, according to the International Business Times.

About 100 pugs strutted their stuff, dressed as superheroes, pumpkins, movie characters and other animals — even some humans got in on the fun.

“You know, we always perform as a couple in duo performances. That is why today we decided to present our Mexican-style costumes: Donna Muerte and Juan Carlos,” Marina, the event’s organizer, told media.

“It is the first such celebration for us and we have been preparing for it very seriously.”

We? The odds are that dog did not say, “Sure, put a sombrero on me.”

A pooch dressed as Edward Scissorhands, complete with a black wig and gloves with scissorlike fingers, came out as top dog in the costume contest.

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