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With fire season starting, homeowners should update policy

PHOENIX — Arizona’s wildfire season could pose a major threat to homes and now is the time to update homeowner’s insurance.

Nicole Farr with the Arizona Insurance Council said homeowners need to be sure their policy covers the current costs of rebuilding their home because the costs of lumber, concrete, steel and copper have risen significantly from the time the home was built.

“Any type of remodeling you’ve done, make sure your agent is aware of that,” Farr said.

And the policy needs to cover living expenses if the family has to be evacuated and/or the home is destroyed.

“Most policies cover this, but double check that hotel bills and meals will be covered along with transportation costs.”

Farr said wildfires have destroyed nearly $1 billion in property in Arizona since 2002. Since that time the five biggest fires in recorded state history have occurred.