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Poll: Most Arizonans want stricter gun laws

PHOENIX — A new Rocky Mountain Poll showed just how divided Arizonans are on gun laws, but more are in favor of stricter measures on sales than not.

Behavior Research Center spoke with 700 Arizonans and found the 49 percent believe it is more important to protect gun ownership rights, including semi-automatic rifles while 38 percent want tougher controls on gun ownership and 13 percent are unsure.

An even closer split is on whether the sale of guns should be subject to stricter laws — 42 percent said yes, 38 percent said the laws are fine as is and 16 percent said the laws should be less strict.

The poll also found that 37 percent of Arizonans own ‘operational’ guns but a surprising 13 percent are not sure whether there is an operational gun in their home. The most parity was found among gun owners — 37 percent of liberals, 38 percent who identified themselves as moderates and 39 percent of conservatives said they kept firearms at home.

The poll also suggested it may be a myth that people who live in rural areas are the most likely to have guns in their homes.

Gun ownership in the home totals only 38 percent in Arizona’s rural counties. Ownership is highest in Maricopa County at 40 percent and falls off to 28 percent in Pima County.