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Missing hikers found in Superstitions

PHOENIX — Two missing hikers have been found in the Superstition Mountains on Friday.

The two hikers, a male and a female, were last seen Wednesday when they departed for a hiking trip on First Water Trail.

Officer Christopher Hegstrom with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said the hikers were expecting to stay in the mountains overnight and be picked up on Thursday evening.

After their ride was unable to get to them, the hikers were forced to stay an extra night in the mountains and a search began Friday morning.

The search continued into the evening when Hegstrom said the hikers were located.

“The two were found right around 7:30 this evening,” Hegstrom said. “They both appeared to be in good condition.”

Hegstrom said the female was being looked at for possible dehydration, but otherwise the two hikers would be fine.