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Gov. Brewer: Federal government must do more for Arizona’s border security

Governor Jan Brewer said the federal government has not done enough to secure Arizona’s border.

“We don’t understand why the federal government will do that for other states, but they refuse to do it in Arizona,” Brewer says in an interview with ABC’s Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila. “I am not going to sit back and be the governor of the state of Arizona and not make a position for Arizona to the federal government that our border needs to be secured. It’s as simple as that.”

According to Yahoo News, Brewer’s comments come as the Senate examines the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill. Brewer explained that she will not support a bill that gives increased assets to border security unless nearby ranchers believe the perimeter is fully protected.

If the Senate decides to vote in favor of this bill, it will help the 10 to 12 million immigrants living the U.S. illegally gain citizenship.