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Glendale, Cardinals camp deal remains in limbo

PHOENIX — Several Glendale City Councilmembers have all but given up hope on working out a long-term deal with the Cardinals to host training camp.

Councilman Gary Sherwood said the team wants a 1,600- spot parking structure as part of a camp deal. He estimated that would cost almost $30 million and the city simply can’t afford it.

“Eventually we’re going to have to put a garage up but we’re not budgeted for it this year. Initially, they wanted some bonding or guarantee that we could forward with that. We’re not in the position to do so nor do we need to.”

Sherwood said the city would love to have the Cards training camp but not at any cost.

“We’d get a little bit of revenue and it would help Westgate out. But it’s not going to help our lodging out during the dead part of the summer. Most of those who would come out are from the Valley and would go home at night.”

Cardinals spokesman Mark Dalton said the team is not striking a “parking structure or else” attitude, only that it wanted Glendale to honor the agreement to provide 6,000 parking spots.

“Glendale can’t provide the full number of 6,000 spaces and right now, they’re about 3,000 short. We need a long- term solution and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Dalton said.

The team’s contract with Northern Arizona University ended last year and closed out 25 years of training camp in the high country.

NAU has started booking other events and Prescott is out of the running.

Dalton said the team will continue trying to work out a deal with Glendale but has other options. He would not discuss specifics.