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Report: Stress, substance abuse may be breaking down Americans

The American people may be deteriorated by stress, medicine and possibly the government. reported that Americans are snapping to the point of depression, illness and self-destruction.

The cause of the recent downfall of the American people has been linked to stress along with abusive substances such as alcohol and even prescription drugs such as Ritalin, as well as other psycho-stimulants.

Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck took a sociopolitical aspect in claiming the breakdown of American morals and a shift into a new kind of society is what’s ruining Americans.

Yet, during eras when society and families are stable, unified and fundamentally decent and moral – as, say, America during the 1950s – the stress level for each person is minimized, or at least not compounded by a perverse society. Conversely, when – as is the case today – we have widespread family breakdown, a depraved culture that mocks traditional moral values, a chaotic economy and disintegrating monetary system and a power-mad government dominated by demagogues and sociopaths, the normal stresses of life are greatly multiplied.

Despite substance abuse and an accused stressful government, stress expert Roy Masters claimed to have a solution to the sociopolitical problem.

“Imagine, however, that someone said or did something cruel to you, but that you did not react in any way whatsoever – you did not become upset, resentful or even ruffled. You simply observed that this person was saying or doing something cruel, as though you were calmly observing the scene in a movie. You simply would not be stressed by what would appear to others to be a highly stressful encounter. Stress and cruelty affect us as profoundly as they do only because we react to them resentfully.”