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‘Time’ cover causes stir after Boston bombings

A digital cover of “Time” magazine began making a stir on the Internet on Wednesday

“Time” published freelance photographer Bill Hoenk’s photo of a Boston police officer transporting a child who was wounded in the bombing of the marathon.

“I was there about 40 minutes or so when the first explosion happened,” Hoenk tells the magazine. “We saw the smoke and heard people screaming, and then within seconds, the second explosion happened directly in my line of sight, 30 feet away. There was a lot of chaos.”

Hoenk described the hellish scene, as people trampled on an upside-down baby carriage and a child with a bloodied head cried as police officers carry him away.

“I remember looking down and seeing a baby carriage upside down with people running over it,” he remembers. “It really freaked me out. I leaned over to pick up the baby carriage — there was no baby underneath…I saw the cop lift up the baby. When I look at the photos, I cry. The baby was screaming.”

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