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Gun show operators thrilled over Senate’s gun measure decision

PHOENIX — A Wednesday vote in the Senate saw a measure designed to require background checks on gun sales defeated and that was a good thing for the Second Amendment, a gun show owner said.

Crossroads of the West owner Bob Templeton said the amendment was unfairly targeting his show and gun opponents were selling the idea that criminals flock to gun shows to buy firearms.

“They have their own sources: Family members, straw purchasers, buying them on the street, etc. Criminals don’t like to hang out at our shows because of the heavy law enforcement presence,” he said.

Templeton said he was “moderately supportive” of universal background checks until it became clear that gun opponents were trying to use the shows at a scapegoat for their cause.

“We all want to keep guns away from people who would misuse them; criminals and the mentally ill,” he said. “It’s a very difficult task to come up with a solution.”

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